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Batalla de Chiclana: Unidades militares participantes.

The British Army

The British contribution to the allied army was a mixed bag of troops from Cadiz, Gibraltar and Tarifa.

The garrison of Gibraltar provided a battalion made up the six flank companies of the 1/9th, 1/28th and 2/82nd regiments of foot, 536 strong.

From Tarifa came the remaining eight companies of the 28th Foot.

From Cadiz came two composite battalions of the guards, the 2/67th and 2/87th foot, six companies from the 95th rifles, the flank companies of the 2/47th foot and two light companies from the 20th Portuguese regiment.

Cavalry was provided by two squadrons of the 2nd Hussars of the King’s German Legion.

The combined force of 5,196 men was commanded by General Thomas Graham.

The Spanish Army

The Spanish provided 8,000 men from the garrison of Cadiz and 1,600 men who had been operating with General Beguines in the Sierra de Ronda.

This force was divided into two divisions.

The first, under the command of General Lardizabal, was five battalions strong (battalions of Campomayor, Carmona, Murcia (two battalions) and Canarias), while the second, under the Prince of Anglona, was six battalions strong (battalions of Africa (two battalions), Sigüenza, Cantabria (two battalions) and Voluntarios de Valencia).

The four squadrons of Spanish cavalry were commanded by a British officer in Spanish service, Colonel Samuel Whittingham.

On the day of the battle La Peña was joined by General Zayas with part of the garrison of Cadiz.

The biggest weakness in the Spanish army was its commander, General Manuel La Peña.

The French Army.

Although he had 18,500 men around Cadiz, Victor was forced to fight with only 10,000 men.

3,500 of his troops were engineers, gunners or marines, who remained in the lines around Cadiz.

Another 3,000 men were at Medina Sidonia, and despite receiving orders to join Victor on 5 March played no part in the battle.

Finally Victor left 2,000 of his infantry in the siege lines. Victor’s small field army was split into three divisions under Generals Ruffin (3,000 strong), Leval (3,800 strong) and Villatte (2,500 strong).


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